In 2021 Conscious Communications launched a podcast examining the social inequalities of Cambridge and how the issues associated with inequality can be tackled and overcome to achieve a healthier and more prosperous city for everyone to enjoy.

Named ‘Cambridge – in pursuit of equality’, the podcast is a six-part docuseries which shines a light on why Cambridge has been named Britain’s most unequal city in recent years, despite its thriving economy and growing tech boom, and how public, private, community and voluntary organisations are working to change this.

Each episode focusses on a specific issue related to inequality and features interviews with business and charity leaders in Cambridge and local authority representatives about what they think can be done to create a more equal and inclusive city. Listeners will also hear from people on the front line in the community – from teachers to foodbank volunteers.

To listen to the podcast, visit the following link and select your preferred podcast platform: pod.link/1545907988.

We believe the messages around reducing inequality in the podcast series are important so please help us spread them far and wide by sharing this show.

Our mission is to unite our community in action to fight inequality and create a healthy and prosperous city for everyone.