Members of the Cambs Youth Panel have developed a concept for a community youth facility, designed by young people for young people - the iGlü. The facility will provide young people with a weatherproof, warm, safe space, with free Wi-Fi, for year-round healthy social engagement, as well as mentoring and counselling.

Cambridge 2030 introduced Cambs Youth Panel to Railpen, manager for the railways pension scheme and significant land-owner/developer in Cambridge, responsible for the planned redevelopment of the Beehive Centre.

A workshop was held with the developer’s architects and members of Cambs Youth Panel to co-design Cambridge’s first iGlü, which will be located at the Beehive Centre when the site is developed.

This is the first of several iGlü’s that Cambridge 2030 and Cambs Youth Panel plan to establish across the city, helping to keep young people occupied, off the streets and out of trouble.