The North Cambridge Health and Wellbeing Partnership is a sustainable collaborative partnership between North Cambridge Academy (NCA), CoFarm, Cambs Youth Panel (iGlü) and Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF), managed and overseen by Cambridge 2030, which will see the co-creation and co-location of a CoFarm and an iGlü on NCA’s grounds, and the provision of outdoor and indoor farming and cookery skills development, counselling and mentoring, providing the multiple benefits of:

  • a healthy outdoor growing/farming space for engagement with positive practical activities and skills development. The partnership will also provide young people with access to the 7-acre CoFarm site in the nearby Barnwell Road area;

  • a dedicated co-designed weatherproof and warm space that embraces technology, for year-round healthy social engagement, as well as mentoring and counselling;

  • hands-on education and food/nutrition skills development to promote improved physical and mental health and wellbeing;

  • wider community involvement and engagement for mental health and wellbeing

The aim is for the facility to be up and running in 2024.